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Explore The Past 4 21.  Thurnherr House, 1901.  302 S. Maple St.

Built by Robert Thurnherr, the supervisor of the Kursheedt Manufacturing Company.  When Thurnherr returned to New York, the second suspervisor August Cranwehr, purchased the house.  Herb Defoe added to the original house and added brick.

22.  Nicholson House, 1947.  304 S. Maple St.

Built by Guy and Ramona Nicholson after World War II.  Guy Nicholson served as Hohenwald Mayor from 1983-2003.

23.  Weinhappel House, 1921.  308 S. Maple St.

Built by Franz Weinhappel, a cabinet maker and Austrian immigrant who worked in his mother country for the company that made carriages for the royal family.  The house contained an undergroiund wine cellar with a large wine vat, similar to those found in Austria.  The wooden ceiling and paneling from Mr. Weinhappel's first house in the Swiss Colony has been preserved and reassembled in the Lewis County Public Library genealogy room.

24.  Barber House, 1945.  312 S. Maple St.

A post-World War II house built by Lee Barber.

25.  Hickerson and Gray House, 1945.  314 S. Maple St.

A post-World War II house built by Hickerson and Gray.

26.  Horace Whitehead House, c. 1963.  316 S. Maple St.

Built on the site of the Anna Dinkle house.  Dinkle owned several buildings on Main Street in the 1920's.  Horace Whitehead, who owned the Main Street Whitehead Plumbing & Electric, built the present house.

27.  Little Gem Theater Building.  319 S. Maple St.

This house was originally one half the building used for showing silent movies in town and was originally located on Helvetia Street.  The first motion picture machine was a small black box that operated on kerosene.,  In summer, the doors to the theater were left open for a breeze.  The woman who played the organ during the show later moved into the house.  While serving in the military during WWII, Preston Brown sent money home for his father to have a house built that would be ready upon his return.  The theater building was to be moved and the father arranged for one half the building to be moved to this lot.

28.  Hubert Milam House, 1941.  317 S. Maple St.

29.  Donald Kelly House, c. 1940.  315 S. Maple St.

30.  William B. Peters House, 1939.  313 S. Maple St.

This house was built from materials from an older house in the mining community of Allen's Creek.

31.  W.W. Lancaster House, c. 1936.  309 S. Maple St.

32.  Goldie Harder House, c. 1924.  307 S. Maple St.

Turn west onto East Third Street.  This wide street was originally East Main Street in New Switzerland.  Town founders did not anticipate that business would be drawn to the Depot, the commercial link to the outside world at the time.  When businesses failed to locate on the street, the current Main Street was given that name.

33.  Richardson House.  15 E. 3rd St.

This two-story house was built by Hohenwald Mayor J.F. Richardson.


compass   Turn left on Park Avenue, Left.

34. and 34a.  Whittenberg Houses.  305 and 307 South Park.

Two houses built in the Tudor Revival Style in the 1940's by one of the founding families of the Swiss Colony to replace one of the original houses, at the same location.  Notice the "W" on the chmney of the house on the right.

35.  Old Lewis County Jail, 1899.  309 S. Park.

Built by Lewis County, this house is one of the oldest brick structures in the county.  Walls are one foot thick and the ceilings are made of concrete to help prevent jail breaks.  The jailer and his family lived downstairs and the men's cells were upstairs.  A small cell in the rear of the downstairs held female prisoners.  In the 1920's, the jail was the scene of a forced jail break when men accused of murder were taken from the jail by a hooded mob and lynched, an event that caught the attention of the New York Times.  It was later discovered that the men were innocent.

The building was restored by Avery Armstrong, who played in the original town brass band.  Armstrong's Bakery, which was located across the street, produced Armstrong Pies, a local favorite still for sale in local groceries.  The crust recipe is used by a nationally known pie crust company.


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