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36.  Meriwether Lewis High School.  1927.

The lot was the site of the original Public Square.  The 1899 Court House sat in the center and houses surrounded it.  A horse racing track was located in the rear and an agricultural building sat to the right.  Local county fairs were held on the property.  In 1927, when the Courthouse was moved to its present location, the new highschool building was constructed.

(Left)  37.  A.B. Sisco House, 1939.  212 S. Park St.

The classically styled late 1930's house was home to High School principal A.B. Sisco, for whom the Jr. High School football field is named.

(Right)  38.  W.B. Beard/Dr. Pickard House, 1908.  213 S. Park St.

Built by one of Hohenwald's youngest mayors, W. B. Beard.  It later served as home to Dr. Pickard and, in the 1970's, to Dr. Virender and Veena Anand.

(Left)  39.  C.P. Hull House, 1921.  210 S. Park St.

Built by town merchant C.P. Hull, the house is a good example of 1920's architecture.

40.  Seagraves House, 1898.  208 S. Park St.

Seagraves began publication of the Lewis County Herald in this house in 1898, and it remains the town paper.

41.  A.B. Cooper House, 1905.  211 S. Park St.

Built by A.B. Cooper, grandson of Lt. General Robert Melville Cooper, who served under Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans and who made the nails for Meriwether Lewis' coffin.  "The people of the house where Lewis killed himself sent to my brother's shop to get nails to make a coffin and my brother, Hamilton, two years older than myself and I went to the shop and between us made the nails which were used in making his coffin,"  R. M. Cooper.  Five of Robert Melville Cooper's sons died fighting in the Civil War and another four were severely wounded.  The Cooper family was instrumental in the founding of Lewis County.  A.B. Cooper, a carpenter, built this house after a brief stint as a young man in the old west in New Mexico.

42.  Randall/Schubert/Phelan House, 1911.  206 S. Park St.

Built by mail carrier Riley Randall, the house was sold to town lawyer Fred Schubert, a relative of the Austrian composer Franz Schubert.  Later owner Gene Phelan said that in the 1930's, a limousine containing gangster Al Capone pulled up to ask directions back to the main highway.

43.  Lomax House/Boyce Clinic, 1919.  209 S. Park St.

The lot was originally set aside for the Swiss Reformed Church, but later sold to merchant Sam Hinson when the church was built up the street.  Hinson's house burned in 1910.  Lumberman Will Lomax built the current building in 1919 as the most elegant house in the county.  Large gold mirrors rose from the fireplaces to the ceilings.  Lomax's son Fred was the first soldier from the county killed in World War I in France.  Fred's flag draped coffin was returned to the front parlor and the house became the scene o a military honor guard and elaborate funeral, never seen before in the county.  In 1939, Dr. W.E. Boyce bought the house and converted it to the first hospital in the county.  The kitchen and operating room were located in the basement.  When nurses were not tending to patients, they helped care for the garden in the read of the lot and canned vegetables to be used in patients' meals.

44.  Goodman/Flowers House, 1912.  207 S. Park St.

Built by Felix Goodman, president of the Hohenwald Bank & Trust Company.  In 1919, a merchant offered to purchase the house for a low price.  Mr. Goodman thought the offer was part of a joke and in a similar joking vein, said that he would accept the offer.  After learning that the offer was serious, Mr. Goodman kept his word and sold the house for that price.

45.  Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1903.  205 S. Park St.

Originally a two story structure, the building housed the Masonic Lodge on the second floor.  Much of the early original interior woodwork remains in the sanctuary.  In 1934, the second floor was sawed off by hand; however, the patterned second story floor of the lodge remained.  The bell in front was brought to Hohenwald when the congregation moved from nearby Riverside.


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